You are about to be bombarded by all of these images and messages around “New Year, New You”.

The dieting industry is about to pounce on you faster than you can say mean, green, detox machine!

You will be sold a new version of you that includes trimming down & toning up in a record period of time!

There’s something about the start of a new year that signifies new beginnings.

But the issue is why wait?  (or why weight?!)

There is more than one time a year to make a change.

I’m a big believer in making positive changes when YOU ARE ready which is more internally drive (and not exclusively on January 1st – more externally driven).

I’d encourage you to start to think about a positive change that you’d like to start TODAY…not tomorrow and not January 1st.   I’ve read a statistic that 92% of new years resolutions do not succeed.

I personally believe that the reason for this is because we expect something will be different on January 1st, such as some new found willpower and self control (but we know the minute that we try to be in control too much, we end up out of control at some point).

This also means that we are putting our lives on hold Jan 1st and this also can give us an excuse to be out of control with our eating until Dec 31st (think last supper mindset) because come Jan 1st “I’m going to be in control”.

The most empowering thing you can do right now is to decide on one small behaviour change that you will commit to doing today (and you can do this every day) that will take you one step closer to the person you desire to deserve to be.

Change occurs in baby steps.  Meal by meal & day by day.