Reviews » Georgie Beames
Having spent most of my life looking for the answers in fad diets and exercise programs, this program represented a welcome relief. I’ve finally found a sustainable approach to honoring my body and soul. I am no longer at war with myself and am a more compassionate person now that I’ve found this more peaceful daily existence. I actually even lost weight completely naturally and I’ve never felt better in myself. Thank goodness for this program. I’m now looking ahead to my forties with a spring in my step!!” Narelle Glynn

I have learnt how and why I developed emotional eating as a coping strategy. I have learnt to forgive myself and others for this. I have learnt the skills I need to change these unhelpful ways of being. With daily commitment, I am developing my internal resources to be OK within myself whatever happens. I cannot speak highly enough of Georgie Beams and the Freedom community she facilities. It is the most supportive space I have ever known. Within it I am beginning to believe I can shine, now. I can fulfill my potential and be the woman I always hoped I would be. Rebecca Farrant

“I first completed the Freedom Program with a goal of trying an alternative to dieting (which clearly wasn’t the answer for me!) and it has been an absolute life changer. I am working through the program at my own pace and learning so much about myself. More importantly, I am learning strategies to navigate and better deal with adverse behaviors that I didn’t even realise were so ingrained” Kelly Harper

“Since starting this Freedom journey I have been feeling so much more alive. Surprisingly the changes I’m noticing in myself are not all about the food but rather about feeling more and more like who I am meant to be. Life is so much richer and ‘in the moment’ these days. It’s like the lid has been lifted off this great secret and I’m not alone in it anymore. With Georgie there to guide us all along I am confident that I’ll continue to reap the benefits of freedom.” Rosie Dell

So I want to say thank you to you Georgie, for changing my life and the way I feel. I actually feel that I’m enjoying life again. I’m making the most of the moments, having fun and joining in. Previously I’d have been more worried about getting the stuff on my to do list done and/or would be sitting on the sidelines watching everyone else. Claire Dodge