Here is the Real Reason We Overeat And It is Not What You Think by Georgie Beames

Do you feel like you are eating because you love food too much?

Or that you have no willpower or self-control when it comes to food?
One of the real reasons why you keep going back to the food is not what you think.
Often, there’s a story you are telling yourself about why you’re eating. It might be: I love food. I have no willpower or self-control. But there’s always a deeper reason why you are eating. You tend to focus so much on what you’re eating. You tend to be looking in the wrong areas.
As an experienced women’s psychologist, I’ve discovered 6 blocks causing eating sabotage.

Block number one is uncomfortable feelings.

You feel all your feelings in your body whether you are aware of it or not. Many of you feel disconnected from your bodies. Disconnected from your feelings. You’re comfortable from the neck up. You’re comfortable when you’re thinking and planning, doing, achieving, etc. But you’re completely disconnected from the neck down.
You store all these feelings in your body. Something may happen to you during the day. You’ll get triggered. There will be a feeling there.
You often get in with the food first so you don’t have to feel the feeling. The eating is to repress and suppress your uncomfortable feelings.
There are two or three key uncomfortable feelings I see as a bit of a theme for women as I’ve worked in this area.

The first one is anxiety.

This is more of a free-floating anxiety. It’s not like a clinical diagnosis of anxiety. We’ve all got anxiety to a certain level.

The other one is overwhelm.

Women are busy. You’re running around, you’ve got all sorts of different commitments. Your needs get bumped right down to the bottom. Is that sounding familiar?

Pressure is another one.

Pressure to be perfect, pressure to do everything, etc.
The first two, particularly anxiety, are the most common ones.
The key is having a think about to what extent you could sit down and be with yourself.
Be, no distractions, get out of your head, get into your body, into the present moment.
If this is uncomfortable to do, or there’s resistance, free-floating anxiety may be an issue.
Instead you’re very busy, you’re running around, you’re doing doing doing. But then you get to a certain point in the day where you’re using food as me time. You’re using food to relax. You’re stuffing it down and it’s leading to eating sabotage.
Keep digging deeper and looking at the reasons about why you might be eating. This might be a key reason.
You may be sitting with an uncomfortable feeling and using food to stuff it down and to get your needs met. It happens in an unhealthy way where, you don’t feel good about yourself. You put on weight and get caught up in that vicious cycle.
I would love to help you increase your self-awareness around why you might be eating.

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Bye for now!