Ready to Develop a Healthy Relationship With Food?  
Join me for a FREE 5 Day Mini Course to break free from the cycle of restrictive diets and enjoy true food freedom. 
Starts 22nd January.
Let me show you how to:
  •  Stop thinking about food All. The. Time! We’ll put an end to that constant stream of obsessive thoughts about food that race through your mind so that you have the space to focus on what really matters. 
  •  Break old food habits such as eating in secret, popping into the drive-thru on the way home or eating when you are alone at night in front of the screen
  •  Reduce your stress or boredom eating so that you’re not reaching for food just because.
  •  Break free from the constant cycle of cutting out your favourite food groups, then over-eating when you can’t stick to it. There will be no need to keep searching for the answer to your struggles with weight in yet another diet. 
What others are saying...
“I discovered that I’m not actually hungry when I thought I was and by becoming more mindful I have every little desire to binge on food or even eat between meals. I have become what I had previously labelled as a ‘normal’ person around food in a mater of a couple of days; amazing!”
- Sarah, London
"This is such an important part of my journey for me to learn new tools and strategies to stop my emotional eating and start being kind to myself! I loved the program and the insights it gave me! Thanks Georgie and the whole community for your support."
- Tammy, Melbourne
"I have tried many ways to help me with my emotional eating and I somehow managed to improve my emotions but not let go of my eating habits, this challenge was different it helped me look at my habits in a completely different way and let me see them for what they really are, just habits not this big scary controlling thing that I believe it was, it is definitely working as I am starting to look at things very differently which is so nice." 
- Liz, New Zealand