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I felt like a failure…

This was me when I was 22. I was in London doing the obligatory Aussie working holiday. I had just quit my job (which I hated!!) and I decided to return back to Australia, after of course doing a Contiki tour around Europe (this is me in Holland!!). I had put on so much weight (15kg), I was so self conscious and I just hated the way that I looked.

This was not the real me!

When I came back home to Australia, I tried every diet known to man. I would be militant and control everything I ate, and then binge like crazy. This pattern continued through my 20’s and I was continuously self sabotaging. Each time I had a binge or emotionally ate – I would think that it didn’t matter, and it wouldn’t make a difference anyway. I thought that I was only one diet away from being skinny, and in my mind being skinny = love/relationship.

It was the biggest mistake that I made.

Looking back I can’t really blame myself, because I didn’t know any better. It’s what we had been told (and still are told) from society & the weight loss industry around dieting being the only answer to weight loss. We know now that 95% of people who diet then go on to regain their weight plus more within a 12 month period. I knew dieting wasn’t working for me (as I was a dieting failure statistic). I felt like a failure. I felt like there was something wrong with me and my level of self control.

At the age of 30 I had a wobble. And this prompted me to start my journey of self discovery and I realised that my answers were not in the diet books or trying to control my eating.

When I started using evidence based strategies, natural weight loss occurred for me. I am no longer on automatic pilot grabbing the chocolate when things go off track or I experience uncomfortable feelings.

I use effective strategies to cope with stress and life’s ups and downs without using food. My personal journey, as well as my insights and experience as a Psychologist are the reasons why I work in a private practice with women in the area of emotional eating &self sabotage and why I created my 7 day challenge and Freedom Program.

I change women’s relationship with food, and I change their lives.

  • I am a Psychologist who works with women where I work with women in the area of emotional eating, self sabotage & weight for Weight Loss Surgery Patients (there’s not many of us in the world!)
  • I work in a Weight Loss Surgery Clinic as a key team member, working with women considering WLS or have had WLS so they can get back in control and stay there
  • I am a Podcaster!! I have a Podcast called Reverse The Relapse which is getting a lot of traction and great feedback
  • I have taught over 10,000 women from all around the world, effective psychological strategies to reduce their emotional eating, without having to restrict or deprive themselves.
  • I have over a 3 month waiting list for 1 on 1 clients to see me about their emotional eating & weight.
You can keep on the same path of dieting and control and using food as your coping strategy, hoping a praying that you will wake up one day and it will fix itself (spoiler alert: if you don’t do anything, it will lead to more and more weight gain) or you can take the first step to end your emotional eating by applying to work with me in 1 on 1 coaching  program 

Just to finish off the story – when I started to feel better about myself and felt good in my own skin a friend of mine who I had known for 10 years suddenly ‘popped’ up. We’ve been together ever since, married and have 2 beautiful boys, Harvey and Nate ! We certainly attract what we feel we deserve in life. I can’t wait to support you over your journey to food & total freedom.

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