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WLS doesn’t give you control over food.


Though it may certainly feel like it gives you control, as you are forced to eat smaller portions because the size of your stomach has been reduced, that is not giving YOU the agency of control that you need to keep the weight off.

The sense of control wls offers us is an illusion.

Binging, obsessively thinking about food, and anxiety over re-gaining the lost weight still happens, and THAT is what we truly want to control, right?

The control we want is not physical. It’s mental. It’s freedom from food having any power over us.

That’s why I have a coaching program dedicated to looking at how to re-wire your Version 1.0 OLD way of thinking about food to upgrade it to the Version 2.0, NEW you, where your body is at after wls.

Getting to a place where you’re not relying on willpower is the key issue here. So that means going deep into the reasons WHY food has so much power over you in the first place.

You can continue to believe in the illusion of control of wls or you can take action now to unpick the old thought patterns that will continue to bring you back to the food.

Surgery was a scary, expensive investment. And it’s a great tool that definitely can do the job of forcing you to lose weight.

But it was only on your stomach, not on your mind. The work of maintaining the weight loss is mental.

Do you feel…..

  • You’re either a success or a failure when it comes to your eating and weight?
  • You’ve been on and off diets for years, and nothing has worked for in the longer term?
  • Your relationship with food is a constant struggle?

Do you want to feel…..

  • More relaxed and empowered around food, where you are in charge of your eating decisions, and food doesn’t have the power over you?
  • Free, knowing that you don’t need to start again & be ‘good’ on Monday. You will free up your energy to re-invest it in more positive pursuits.
  • Confident. Increase your self worth and gain in confidence in ALL areas of your life.
How Procrastination Is A Form Of Sabotage

I’m on a mission to:

Support women who are considering WLS, or have had WLS and re-wiring their brain around their relationship with food, their weight and themselves so they can feel free, confident and be the person they want to be.
If you don’t address WHY you keep going back to the food, everything will be a bandaid, including WLS

Having WLS and losing weight won’t automatically translate to:

  • Feeling good enough
  • Increasing your self-worth
  • Enjoying life & enjoying the weight loss
  • Feeling relaxed & at peace around food
  • Maintaining the weight loss

Changes to your external appearance tend to be fleeting if the emotional and psychological blocks that are sending you to eat in the first place are not cleared. Losing weight through dieting,  might work in the short term, but it’s just a matter of time until it all creeps back on and MORE.

I see women having 2 choices available:

Keep focusing on the symptoms which is food & weight.

Keep trying the diet again, hoping that this time it will stick, whilst going back and forth between dieting & emotionally eating; being a ‘success’ or ‘failure’ or being ‘fat’ or ‘thin’. But this will only lead to more and more weight gain in the longer term.

Make this important switch by focusing on the cause (which are the reasons WHY you keep going back to the food) for sustainable change & natural weight loss to occur by re-wiring your brain to reduce your food cravings & your default strategy to always go to the food.

It’s time to protect your WLS investment
and get back in control again for good!


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