Posted by Georgie Beames 4 December 2017

Are you worried your eating is out of control leading up to Christmas?

Are you worried that your eating is a bit out of control leading up to Christmas?
In this video I will share with you the number 1 trigger I see at this time of year that can pack on the pounds.

More videos with tips leading up to the silly season are coming your way to help keep you on your path.
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Georgie xx
Georgie Beames

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Georgie Beames is a registered Psychologist and has taken the best of her work from her private practice to create the FREEDOM online program for body confidence and acceptance. It is designed by women for women in order to free their minds that are constantly worried about their body, weight and their looks. Georgie uses powerful psychological techniques that shift women's negative attitudes and beliefs that keep women locked in the battle with their body. She provides women with the road maps and tools to support their positive transformation and free them to be the person they want to be and lead the life they want to live.