Posted by Georgie Beames 13 December 2017

5 Ways To Not End Up Being Out Of Control Around Food

Learn How To Create A Balanced & Flexible Way of Eating I used to revolve my life around food. Everything was so planned and in control and it felt good until…..I could no longer stick to the diet, which resulted in a massive blow out and things would spiral out of control with my eating…read more

Posted by Georgie Beames 31 October 2017

Meet Your Saboteurs

In this short video I unpack WHY we engage in self sabotage. It’s one of the most complex areas because it happens outside of our conscious awareness and it’s so incredibly powerful. If we don’t have an understanding or awareness of our saboteurs, we can just assume that we are ‘lazy’ or ‘greedy’, but there…read more

Posted by Georgie Beames 5 October 2017

The Number 1 Way To Make Peace With Food

All or nothing thinking where you are either in control OR out of control is one of the most challenging areas to shift.  It is a journey.  In the video, I share 2 quick tips for you to start to reduce your all or nothing thinking, and therefore start to make peace with food &…read more

Posted by Georgie Beames 26 September 2017

Screen Time, Emotional Eating & Weight Gain

Check out my new blog around how screen time can be affecting your eating and weight gain.   If you are interested in more effective psychological strategies, I invite you to join my FREE 5 Day Food Freedom Challenge We kick off on Monday 16th October. It’s the final challenge for the year. Sign up…read more

Posted by Georgie Beames 11 September 2017

What To Do When You’ve Had a Binge?

  I remember the feeling so well. Knee deep in 4 huge servings of pasta, followed up a family block of fruit & nut chocolate. Eating to the point of feeling so sick. Not wanting to FEEL anything. Just wanting to numb out. But then feeling DISGUSTING afterwards. The next day is spent fantasising (and…read more

Posted by Georgie Beames 11 July 2017

Why Am I Emotionally Eating? It’s NOT Just Because I Love Food

Do you feel that you just LOVE food too much? Do you want to learn more around what might be going on? Watch my video to learn more. Sign up to my FREE 5 Day Food Freedom Challenge below kicking off on the 24th July. If you obsess about food 24/7, eat in secret and…read more

Posted by Georgie Beames 3 July 2017

Do You Subconsciously NOT Want To Lose Weight And Look Great?

Do you have a fear of success? What would it mean if you could have it all? Watch my video to learn more. Grab a copy of your Fears Worksheet to discover your top 3 fears holding you back. If this resonates with you, please feel free to share away. You never know who…read more