• Here are a few case studies worth thinking about…



For the past 15 years Steph had struggled with her weight and her negative body image, which was impacting her self-esteem and other areas of her life.  Steph had spent thousands of dollars on the latest diets through to different gym memberships & personal training in an attempt to lose weight.

Steph was caught up in a cycle of losing weight, then re-gaining it and even more.  She felt fed up, and she was dissatisfied with her body and her appearance . She was so confused about what to eat and what not to eat.  Like many women, Steph was engaging in negative self-talk, and was blaming her body for other areas of her life that were not working out the way she had planned.  Steph was self-medicating her uncomfortable feelings with food.  Poor self esteem and not feeling good enough led to self sabotaging behavior of overeating, followed by feelings of guilt, blame and frustration.   Steph was oscillating between feeling ‘in control’ (following a diet) through to feeling ‘out of control’ (binging).

Our work together resulted in Steph taking a more flexible approach which involved mindful eating, no rules or restrictions, and being focused on understanding her physical hunger cues and responding appropriately, as well as understanding her non-physical hunger cues and giving her strategies to deal with these uncomfortable feelings or stress.


Through our work together, Steph was able to learn to accept her body the way it was.  Change can only occur through self-acceptance.  This is a concept that many women struggle with as they believe if they accept themselves the way they are now, then they won’t change – when the opposite is true.  We looked at the reasons why Steph had a poor body image and key influences that family members had which contributed to her negative body image.  We examined how Steph was sabotaging herself and her best efforts to feel good about herself.

Steph found a secondary benefit to the work she did which was natural weight loss.  She is still on the journey, however her body image has improved, her relationships have improved (especially with her husband), and she has more confidence and optimism than what she had before.



Lauren described herself as always being ‘big’ and having a weight problem since she could remember. Lauren was a successful business woman, and described herself as being successful in many area of her life, except she could never get on top of her weight. Like most women in this situation she had tried everything.

It seemed no matter how hard she tried, she could never get ‘there’. Feeling like a failure, Lauren was desperate to try a fresh and different approach, knowing deep down that she needed to do the work from the inside-out. Through the program, Lauren had a realisation that she had been keeping her weight on as protection.

Lauren didn’t feel ‘safe’ emotionally around men. At a subconscious level, she was scared of any unwanted attention from men. She realized it didn’t matter how well she ate or how much she exercised, her body at a subconscious level was in charge and taking over, and trying to keep her safe by holding on to the excess weight as protection. Her body was trying to help her and it was successfully doing its job.

Once Lauren was aware of what was going on for her she could release the old beliefs that she had been holding onto in order to free herself. Through the program she realized she could feel safe in a smaller body. As a result of letting go of this excess baggage, it freed her up to be the person she wanted to be. 



“Since her late teens Anna had always struggled with overeating and had been unhappy with her weight, and over the years had tried many diets and exercise programmes in attempt to combat this. In the last couple of years, Anna became mentally exhausted with her struggle – she was just so OVER thinking about food, hating her body and trying to stay in control – and she knew she didn’t want to pass this kind of thinking onto her 2 young daughters. She started by giving up dieting (and interestingly didn’t get any bigger!) and then started searching for a different kind of answer.

Anna had started to do a bit of reading about emotional eating and she understood that she needed to deal with underlying issues but didn’t have the tools or resources to overcome it on her own. Anna has found the Freedom programme is the missing piece and described it as changing her life. She’s also found that her emotional eating has significantly reduced and Anna is feeling much more positive and optimistic about life.”